Bluloc: the complete iBeacon solution

Bluloc iBeacon

Evolve Mobile introduces the successful iBeacon concept bluloc, in collaboration with our technology partner Match2Blue. Bluloc is an all-in-one LBS solution that gives organizations the ability to recognize visitors and make realize personalized marketing and communication.

The marketing promise of 2015

iBeacons gain increasing attention in media but there are few retailers who successfully managed to get the maximum out of this technique. With Bluloc we deliver a proven technology, which helps you to get the most out of your business case.

Bluloc use cases

Bluloc is a proven iBeacon solution that is operational since 2014 in large installations in France (Marseille), England (London) and multiple sites in Germany. The proposition consists of multiple components that fuel Location Based Services and personalized marketing under your own branding and management.

The ingredients

In contrast to the most Beacon vendors, Bluloc is designed to be used as a total solution. In order to understand what we mean by this let us explain in which domains bluloc is different in comparison to other Beacon solutions.

iBeacons are Bluetooth transmitters that communicate with smartphones on one side and a database on the other.  In order to successfully deploy them we need more components such as a suitable mobile application (app) and an intelligent management platform. Without these iBeacons have low added value.

Most beacon suppliers provide a small part of this solution; the iBeacons (transmitters) with or with a SDK with limited flexibility. This results in less functionality for the owner of the solution and less relevance for users of the app.

The recipe

In order to find the perfect solution it is important to get the maximum out of every ingredient and look for a complete solution. For this reason Bluloc is the best platform. With Beacons, a mobile (white label) app and an intelligent backend we bring you an all-in-one solution that creates real relevance for the users and maximal efficiency for owners of the platform. You can also choose to implement a part of the solution or combine different parts depending on your use strategy. This helps you to get the most out of previous investments. For example you can enrich an existing application using the bluloc SDK, leveraging your installed base and functionality. 

The bluloc kit

As indicated the Bluloc solution consists of the following components:

  • iBeacons: Bluetooth sensors, which can be personalized with your own corporate style.
  • Mobile application or SDK: an app suitable for iOS and Android. The functionality can also be implemented within an existing application using the SDK. The full application has additional functionality to offer, including a loyalty program, directory for brands or points of interest, navigation and promotion through intelligent coupons.
  • Management platform: An online management platform, including a Content Management System (CMS), Analysis Tool, and Beacon management.

The application

With Bluloc you get insights into visitor flows, the preferences of your visitors and you have the opportunity to offer relevant promotions based on locations and preferences of your visitors. All in real-time, in your own look & feel and with insights in conversions and the current status.

Bluloc is ideal for retail organizations with one or more locations and can be centrally managed or monitored. This allows shopping centers or retailer’s associations to benefit from the solution on a large scale.

Are you curious about our bluloc concept and looking for a proven technology? Feel free to contact us for a presentation or demonstration.