CatchWire, the ultimate WireShark companion!

CatchWire, the ultimate WireShark companion!

Monitoring network traffic is a task that becomes increasingly important for IT professionals. Cyber threats, new privacy laws and a growing dependency on IT fuel the need for simple and effective solutions that help you stay on-par. An important aspect in all of this is the speed of deployment and ease of use of network tooling. Especially when you are dealing with remote locations, or in cases where there is an immediate threat.

With CatchWire the deployment of network tooling is simple and straight forward, so simple that you do not even need an IT professional to set-up the connection. CatchWire acts as a standalone sensor in a local network, or on an endpoint device, and allows you to collect data remotely.

The combination with WireShark (the worlds most used network analyzing software) gives engineers the freedom, and possibility, to start collecting and analyzing data which helps them to make better decisions and perform needed changes.


CatchWire, your remote Wireshark Sensor

CatchWire is a small, inconspicuous device that can be installed in-line at network endpoints, such as PCs, VOIP phones, printers and other IoT devices. CatchWire is also used for monitoring networked assets located in remote offices and branches.  It is designed to monitor, collect, process, filter, or redirect data traffic for analysis and investigation. CatchWire fits in the palm of your hand and is the perfect companion for Wireshark, the world’s foremost network protocol analyzer.

CatchWire is an intelligent inline network monitoring appliance used by IT security organizations to detect threats to high value and remote areas of the network.  Scaling from single endpoints to entire networks, CatchWire monitors traffic, and delivers real time flow data to leading collector and analytic applications.


Why choose CatchWire?

CatchWire can be used in a wide variety of scenarios by IT security, systems, and network professional or organization. With the Wireshark sensor, you can start analyzing your network, and monitor suspicious activity within minutes. CatchWire installation is simple, it does not require an on-site IT professional, and enables you to simply perform Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) and deliver Endpoint Security, no matter how small, big, simple or complex your site is. This makes the solution compelling for SMBs, MSPs and MSSPs.

Sander van den Nieuwenhuijzen, Evolve Mobile, about CatchWire:

CatchWire is a versatile solution that brings in-depth visibility where it is needed the most. This enables network and security professionals to gather important insights in network traffic, and the state of the connected devices. With CatchWire you get all the data and put it to use in your favorite software tooling. In comparison with traditional solutions, such as high-end probes, network analyzers and taps, CatchWire does what it needs to do, is flexible and affordable. You can deploy CatchWire as a local or remote sensor on 1 Gig Ethernet based networks.

CatchWire presents a series of advantages compared to what is available in the market today, and complements the existing network monitoring and analysis (NTA) solutions (such as Cisco Stealthwatch and Riverbed SteelCentral).


  • Passively monitors the traffic crossing the network at the point of installation and creates NetFlow records for export to a collector with no impact on existing routers, switches, or firewalls.
  • Delivers 100% accurate pure (unsampled) NetFlow in V5, V9 or IPFIX formats.
  • Reduces the load impact on the network by limiting the amount of data collected based on what is needed for security analysis.
  • Is host, application, operating system, collector and analytics agnostic.
  • The security analyst has the ability to use it to “cut the line” remotely in case of an attack detected at the monitored endpoint.
  • Requires no database of signatures or daily updates.
  • Needs no infrastructure changes to work.
  • Can monitor IP devices that do not support the deployment of software agents, such as VoIP devices, printers, scanners, SCADA/ICS, etc.


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