In this article we inform you about the LBS solution for indoor navigation by IndoorAtlas. IndoorAtlas’s services are ideal for indoor-use opposed to most alternatives.

Location Based Services with the help of magnetic services

Location Based Services with the help of magnetic services


IndoorAtlas and Evolve Mobile

IndoorAtlas was founded in 2012 in Finland and has its headquarters in the United Sates (Mountain View, California). The company is a partner of Evolve Mobile and together we provide indoor positioning for existing and new mobile apps. One of the distinguishing features of the solution is the fact that it does not require hardware since the service runs completely on software and its secret weapon; geomagnetic fields.

How does the solution work?

As indicated, the solution runs solely on a cloud based software platform, using a local smartphone app as its interface. IndoorAtlas determines the position of the user using geomagnetic fields and the compass of the smartphone (which almost every smartphone is equipped with). In the video below we show you how does works.


In order to use the functionality developers can enhance an existing app with the solution or develop a new one. This means that there is no additional app required to use IndoorAtlas. The IndoorAtlas solution is platform and manufacturer agnostic, so it does not matter whether the app is created for iOS or Android. In addition it does not need to run locally since the solution is hosted in the cloud. As a result, modifications and improvements can be executed centrally, without the intervention of the user. The elimination of software and hosting in the cloud allow the solution to be reasonably priced in comparison to other alternatives for LBS such as iBeacons.

Accurate, independent and simple

In addition to the unique way the solution operates the functionality is highly distinctive since IndoorAtlas can be used as full navigation solution. The position of the user on the map moves along with the user (a so-called “moving blue dot”), making turn-by-turn navigation possible. This is similar to outdoor navigation systems that use GPS.

As mentioned the IndoorAtlas is platform agnostic, which means that the same solution can be used for a variety of mobile platforms and device manufacturers. In addition, there is a central platform where all mapped locations can be found. All of this means that users of an Indoor Atlas enabled app will increasingly experience the same look and feel in the future (similar to navigation platforms like Google Maps).

More than indoor navigation

By connecting the knowledge of someone’s location with additional functionalities there is a wide range of opportunities for businesses to not only improve the customer experience but also increase sales. Think about integration with social media or gaming platforms, where the users can indicate where they are located or can see who is in the near vicinity. Another use-case for companies can be found in the promotion of their location or deals, which can seduce the consumers walking by to pay their location a visit and purchase products or services. Integration with existing platforms and channels maximize the full potential of an installed base.

Participation Baidu

Over the last period several international companies have discovered the power of IndoorAtlas, including the Chinese company Baidu. This technology firm has invested in IndoorAtlas in 2014; they will deploy the technique and spread it throughout Asia. Baidu is also known for its search engine, which takes a leading position in Asia with 1,34 billion users. As a result online information and offline locations can be linked with each other through the power of location based services and IndoorAtlas.


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