Would you like to:

“Learn about the behavior and preferences of your (potential) customers and visitors?”

“Be able to offer context aware promotions to your customers based on their location?”

“Increase revenues with a mobile retail solution?”

“Use your Guest WiFi to realize your marketing objectives?”

“Help visitors to navigate through your location?”

With our innovative solutions and industry knowledge we help retail chains, real estate owners and shopping collectives to increase mobile engagement. We do this by offering advice and the right technological tools that increase revenues and enhance the customer experience.

By connecting the on- and offline experience we realize new possibilities to recognize customers and engage with them. Key in this experience is the relevance of your messages and that is why our solutions give you the possibility to deliver the right message to the right person, at the right time and place as part of an omnichannel approach with the mobile channel as connecting factor.

The result? A better alignment with your Customers Experience and Decision Journey!

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Event locaties

Would you like to:

“Improve the experience of your visitors by offering (indoor) navigation?”

“Enhance the commercial opportunities for your sponsors and partners?”

“Give visitors an easy and safe connection to the internet through your WiFi network?”

“Learn more about the whereabouts of your visitors?”

We help event locations such as congress centers, hotels, amusement parks and stadiums to improve the experience of their visitors and increase revenues. We do this by offering mobile solutions that they can use on their mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

Our solutions are designed to facilitate large numbers of users and differentiate in user segments such as employees, visitors and partners, each with their own needs and characteristics.

In the meanwhile we help venue owners to their revenues from their retail, catering and hospitality activities.

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Smart Cities

Would you like to:

“Connect with local inhabitants and visitors on their smartphone?”

“Offer promotions that are relevant to their location and preferences?”

“Have a fitting exploitation model for your Guest WiFi network?”

“Learn more about the preferences and behavior of city visitors?”

“Promote your city events and alerts realtime to consumers?”

Cities have a great variety of visitors; each with their own needs and demands. With our knowledge of smart city concepts we offer city marketing organizations but also entrepreneurs and real estate developers a helping hand to help them to achieve their goals. These can be improving communication, increasing attractiveness or improve revenues for their tenants.

Besides this we can develop or manage the right form of exploitation for your mobile engagement strategy or communication network (such as public WiFi), partnering with all relevant stakeholders.

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Public transportation

Would you like to:

“Offer travellers an easy way to navigate from A to B?”

“Increase revenue with a mobile retail solution?”

“Be able to offer real time messaging through your Guest WiFi?”

“Learn more about the whereabouts and preferences of your visitors?”

Public transportation companies, as well as transport hubs (such as airports and stations), deal with large groups of visitors on a daily basis. To help them in the best way possible efficiency and service are a crucial part of their operations but they increasingly focus on improving their retail and food & beverage activities.

Besides this internal departments are demanding more when it comes to analytics on the behavior and preferences of their visitors since their demands are changing faster every day.

By offering the right solutions we help them to learn from, and communicate with, their customers through the most personal channel: their mobile device. This results in new insights, which can be used to improve business models and services, higher revenues and a better customer relation.

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