RaGaPa gets the most out of your WiFi network!

WiFi Monetization

WiFi Monetization

Evolve Mobile helps you to get the most out of your investments in WiFi and helps you to turn costs into profits.

Public and guest WiFi networks have set the standards when it comes to service for consumers. Due to the explosion of mobile devices and the need to be constantly connected customers and employees have made it clear; WiFi is the internet connection of choice! This leads to a growing need for investment to keep up the pace and deliver a stabile and powerful service. This leaves organizations with the question: How are we going to get the most out of this investment?

With RaGaPa we offer you the opportunity to monetize part of your investment or brand via your WiFi network. We make sure you can keep in touch with customers, visitors or employees and deliver highly relevant location based content. The products that make this possible? RaGaPa’s Hotspot Monetization and Hotspot Branding.

With RaGaPa’s innovative technology you can deliver your own advertising and messages via your WiFi network, directly displayed on every website that users visit, without the need of a portal or an app install. By this way you can create a permanent communication channel and learn about the browsing behavior and preferences of your visitors.

Creëer een blijvende impressie

Creëer een blijvende impressie

RaGaPa Hotspot Monetization

Monetizing your Guest Wi-Fi network through advertising purposes has never been so easy.

Through the “persistent in Browser advertising” technology of RaGaPa you can easily and frequently display advertising and other messages users of the WiFi network, without the need for them to install something. Regardless of the type of the device or the website.

The characteristics of RaGaPa Hotspot Monetization:

  • Offers a strong advertising platform
  • Creates a new revenue stream for your organization
  • Includes a complete online security solution
  • Seamless integration with every network
  • Easy and fast to install
  • Analyses insights in behavior of users

(through the connections of Google Analytics)

In practice

Take for example a shopping mall; they have a free WiFi network for their clients. Normally a client logs in to this network with a login page as the only opportunity for advertising. However, this particular shopping mall uses RaGapa. This allows them to constantly seek interaction with their customers and push advertising messages in the web browser via the WiFi network.  It’s an easy way to increase the sales. This gives them a constant communication channel as long as the users are online, in comparison to a standard WiFi network with a one-time login page. In addition they learn more about their (potential) customers by analyzing their browsing behavior, position and footfall. All these insights can be connected with information from other sources such as Google analytics. 

RaGaPa Hotspot Branding

The in-browser technology of RaGaPa spreads real-time communication messages to all devices connected to your network (P.E. laptops, smartphones or tablets). Communication campaigns can run permanently, with a certain interval or in a certain timeframe. This makes the solution highly suitable for Marketing – Communication or IT departments. In this way you can brand your own WiFi network.

With the RaGaPa Campaign Manager you are able to measure the impact of your messages and advertisements. In a useful dashboard you get a complete overview of all the data, conversations and visitors flows. How do users react to your messages, which statements were most relevant and which messages were more effective? Questions that can be answered with the campaign manager. You will also learn which websites are often visited, which keywords are popular and what peak and off-peak times are in terms of the number of online visitors and the amount of data they use. The campaign manager is a complete tool that delivers clear reports pointing out the success of previous campaigns and learning’s that help you to further optimize future campaigns.

Inzicht en analyse mogelijkheden

Inzicht en analyse mogelijkheden

The solution can be used as:

  • Internal communication platform (for announcements, notifications and alarms)
  • Tool for product promotions
  • Loyalty program
  • Information portal
  • Push for App suggestions & download links
  • Connection with Twitter, Facebook & other social media channels
  • Tool for real time feedback and customer satisfaction surveys
  • Push for purchase suggestions and a connection to a web shop
  • Integration with a welcome or splash page

In practice

As a Communication Manager, you have a wide range of channels at your disposal to reach your (potential) customers but also your employees. You might use an intranet and multiple e-mail groups to deliver messages via an e-mail. Unfortunately you are facing the problem that your audience is paying less attention to these channels and your important messages. Through RaGaPa’s Hotspot Branding you will be able to contact them in the heart of their internet traffic; the browser. Without the need of a separate website an application they receives your messages while browsing the internet.

RaGaPa WiFi, more than just a connection!

In addition to all the advantages mentioned earlier there is a wide package of security solutions included into the products of RaGaPa such as:

  • Data encryption through the network
  • Safe internet access for children
  • The possibility to block undesirable webpages
  • Virus and spyware protection
  • Firewall protection
  • Protection against data theft
  • Protection against network attacks
  • Ability to block BitTorrent clients or other illegal downloads
  • Improved performance in terms of bandwidth management

Een veilige internet toegang

The key features at a glance:

  • A permanent communication channel in the browser of all users
  • Possibility of real-time and scheduled notifications
  • A stronger engagement with your customers, visitors or staff
  • A wide range of media options
  • A fully adjustable Adbar

Watch the video below for more information:


Are you curious about the possibilities for your organization? Please feel free to contact us for more information or a demonstration.