Ucopia Guest Wi-Fi, a world class solution

Do you have WiFi? What is the password? More and more often companies are faced with these questions. Evolve Mobile helps companies with the realization of a good Guest WiFi network, and gives them the opportunity to promote their company and generate income in the meanwhile.
How we do this? By offering the world’s best captive portal solutions from Ucopia.

What should you keep in mind when selecting a WiFi network?

A couple of years ago free WiFi was limited to a couple of locations, due to high costs and lack of a solid business model. However, this time is over. Nowadays, every self-respecting company has invested in a WiFi network for visitors and guests.

Het potentieel voor Guest WiFi en Mobile Marketing is gigantisch.

Het potentieel voor Guest WiFi en Mobile Marketing is gigantisch.

Although the availability of WiFi has significantly increased, many users are still dissatisfied about the offer. Most important dissatisfiers are: the speed of the internet, the login process and the safety of the connection.
All these factors, which are relatively easy to improve, lack attention in most organizations. Realizing a good, simple and safe WiFi network often begins with a good captive portal that facilitates the connection to the internet.

The Business Case around WiFi

Given the significant investments that come with a good network it makes sense that many companies try to minimize the “cost” of a WiFi network. They wonder if they should invest in an own network (CAPEX) or go with with a clear OPEX model through a long-term contract with an Internet provider with a monthly fee.
With a couple of adjustments the choice for an own WiFi network can help you to generate great value for your sales and marketing department. It gives you the option to create sponsored or premium (paid) WiFi and deliver different types of internet access per user group (P.E. employees, customers or partners).
In addition, there are more and more opportunities around advertising and promotions, due to Location Based Services and WiFi Marketing solutions such as RaGaPa.

Ucopia Communications
As previously stated it is important to invest a good captive portal solution to create a good WiFi network. For this reason Ucopia Communications is an partner and of Evolve Mobile and their solutions form are a crucial part in all of our Wi-Fi projects.
With more than 10.000 installations worldwide Ucopia realizes more than 140 million connections annually for clients in industries such as: education, hospitality, public transport, city centers and event venues.

De oplossingen van Ucopia zijn reeds actief in vele verschillende segmenten.

Ucopia referenties

How it works
Ucopia’s guest WiFi solution facilitates an easy and safe connection to the internet for your visitors. Guests can independently gain access to the Internet through a login page, where they sign up without the intervention of an employee. The provider is free to choose which information or credentials are required. Optionally you can choose to add social log-on functionality so users can connect with one simple click by connecting their profile and personal details available on channels such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. All the data that is submitted is perfect for marketing objectives such as newsletters and the enhancement of customer profiles.
Through an integrated payment solution, there is also a possibility to provide paid access, which lets you create different types of access such as free, sponsored or premium WiFi.
Furthermore certain websites can be blocked and the use of Internet can be monitored. This leads to insights in browsing behavior (which websites do users visit, for how long and when) that help you to better understand their needs and interests.

Configuratie van Ucopia

Log-in pagina Ucopia

Log-in pagina Ucopia

From basic to premium
The solutions of Ucopia can be integrated in almost any existing WiFi network. In this way you can retain previous investments and add new functionality and revenues through a simple upgrade. If you do not have a WiFi network for your guests Evolve Mobile can help you with the selection, design and installation of a customized solution. Our years of expertise in this area are a guarantee for success.

Would you like to learn more about our Guest WiFi solutions or Ucopia in particular? Feel free to contact us for a demonstration or read more about our partnership with Ucopia.