Google Ads: A Long & Colourful History

Google Ads: A Long & Colourful History

Google has long been the tech giant, like an octopus with many tentacles, Google have their fingers in many pies, so to speak. We all like to ‘Google’ stuff using their amazing search engine, and where would we be without Google Maps? Their marketing department is Google Ads and in this short article, we delve into the history of Google AdWords.

Launched In October 2000

Google Adwords (now Google Ads) was launched on October 23, 2000, billed as a ‘self-service advertising program’, in beta format. There were initially 350 companies and you could have your ad placed to the right-hand side of the search results window, with a choice of positions.

Google Adsense May 2003

This content network enabled publishers to display targeted AdWords on websites, reaching hundreds of thousands of users.

Site Targeting June 2005

This introduced the ability for the advertiser to target specific websites on which to place their ads. The AdWords policy changed this year to only allow a single ad per page when there are affiliate companies with multiple ads.

Display Ad Builder October 2008

This handy application allows advertisers to tweak their content, images, backgrounds, colours and text, from a web interface. At this time, Google Ads for charities offer a maximum non-profit grant of $10,000 per month, which your charity can take advantage of.

Physical Location Targeting March 2011

This enabled advertisers to target users by location or location of interest. It is important that geographical location words are in line with the targeted location.

AdWords Bulk Editing December 2012

This feature saves the advertiser a lot of time when making edits to bulk AdWords. A drop-down menu appears, plus you can preview changes.

Enhanced Campaigns February 2013

This enables the advertiser to target different digital devices, whether PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. If you would like to know more about Google AdWords, talk to a leading web development agency and they can create dynamic ad campaigns that deliver the desired results.

Link Google My Business With AdWords July 2014

The ability to link AdWords with Google My Business certainly makes it easier to manage your campaigns, with all business locations shown at account level.

Google Shopping Free Listing April 2020

When searching using the Google Shopping tab, primarily free listings will show. This was rolled out in the US and eventually, the rest of the world during the following year. Existing advertisers shouldn’t have to do anything to take advantage of this free listing.

Phrase Match & Broad Modifier February 2021

Google unveiled changes to phrase match and broad modifier to increase relevant searches, giving advertisers more control.

Google AdWords have now been in existence for 22 years. If you would like to make the best use of this marketing platform, you are advised to make contact with a leading web development agency, who have all the digital marketing solutions. If you run a non-profit organisation, Google offers ad grants to give you maximum exposure (up to $10k per month), which every charity should be taking advantage of.

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